- Adventurist / Explorer / Raconteur / Producer / Presenter
- Writer / Musician-Drummer / Instructor
- Sustainability Advocate
- Born in Johnstown, PA. Headquartered in North Port, FL

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I was born in the blue collar steel country of eastern Pennsylvania, raised and shaped by a close family with its salt of the earth character deeply rooted in the greatest generation. Inspired by them to take nothing for granted, to live life to its fullest and contribute more than you take, my life’s been a rewarding adventure since my earliest childhood memories.

Personally, I'm a self-confessed throwback adventurer who enjoys cold dinners out of a can, loosely planned expeditions to the middle of nowhere and long dives with sharks. I can fashion a tourniquet out of any necktie, prefer A1-Sauce over Gray Poupon and skirt steaks that are just a little pink in the middle.

Professionally, I’m an entertainment industry veteran – earned my first paycheck at 14, playing drums on the Las Vegas strip in my parent’s showband, Brooks Paxton & What U Need.

Taking a show on the road. Traveling the world as entertainers with our parents opened young eyes to an even bigger, wilder world.

While furthering my education and living in Los Angeles during the 1990's, I gained experience on the other side of the entertainment business in management and multi-national media sponsorships.

In 1998, after relocating back to my second home in Florida to be closer with family and the bio-diversity surrounding us there, I spent several years as a licensed real estate professional and residential investment specialist, while serving on various boards including the North Port Area Chamber of Commerce and the Sarasota County Economic Development Corporation.

No matter where we traveled, there was adventure to be found and wildlife to be discovered.

Close family ties and many adventures shared growing up in western Pennsylvania. Go STEELERS! 

For the next two decades, with my show business family, and subsequently, touring with other artists like Swamp Boogie Queen, Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Doobie Brothers, I had the pleasure of performing for hungry crowds around the world as a touring and studio drummer/percussionist. Those travels also vastly extended the scope of my exposure to adventure in the outdoors and wildlife that began during my early youth in the wilds of western Pennsylvania.

A show business family that plays together, stays together.

As this 21st Century approached, I took an honest look back at all those divergent miles across the map of my life and saw there was a loose, but hearty handful of passions on board for every single step of the journey. That's the stuff that drives me. The most precious cargo of all. It's why I'm here. Doing what I do.

Currently, with my Brother and Co-Founder, Brooks, we operate Shot Locker Productions. Sure. It's a company and a name, but it also represents a philosophy. One that provides an outlet for us to continue doing what we've always done. Go. Do. Learn. Share. Our personal and professional motto, or what all the cool kids these days call a tagline, is as authentic as it gets. We are dedicated to the exploration of wild ideas.

Many know us by our nickname, the Shark Brothers; an occupational hazard, of sorts. We live on the Myakka River in our adopted home state of Florida, next door to each other and a few houses down the street from our parents. We've got everything from alligators to bull sharks swimming around in the back yard. After all those miles, it's home. Life is good.

And the adventure continues...

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