Freaks of Nature Discovered!

'163 new species found in Southeast Asia region'

Just when you thought the sky was falling. The headline above, as reported in the Boston Globe and anywhere else that matters turns the panic frown upside down, for me anyway. I adamantly support this as good news, plain and simple, cut and dry and brass tacks, but I already talked to someone that hypothesized it being the RESULT of Global ******* Warming because of all sorts of related blah, blah, blah ... For crying out loud. Please tell me when it's safe!

From ABC News Photos: A sample of these newly uncovered flora and fauna

Anyway, I think it's a positive vital sign, based on empirical findings of proof, that the 'Hand basket Straight to Hell Express' isn't full -- just yet, anyway. Congratulations to all involved in this expedition. Personally, I can't wait to see more pictures and videos of these wierd, newfound freaks of nature. It's enough to get you googlin' the night away.

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