Monster Hunting in the New Century

We've been having a lot of fun, my brother and I, using some of the same old tools in a whole new trade. Over the past decade, we’ve been refining and retooling our recreational pursuits, especially in the marine environment, with a focus on taking any opportunistic steps that come our way, to give more than we take. More recently, through strategic alliance, mutual support and vision, we’re proud to be part of a focused effort to sharpen the leading edge of a new culture and mindset in recreational shark fishing. These bold, new ideas and ways aren’t without detractors and nay-sayers, but then again, that’s just a part of the innovation process. It’s how things get figured out, and the fact is, what we're doing is working.

Produced by us for NBC, this short video contains rare and never-before-seen footage

Fishing for sport will never go away unless, ironically, we run out of fish. Why people fish can't be defined by anyone other than the one doing the fishing. Likewise: activism, conservation and wildlife management efforts can't and shouldn't be defined by anything other than true and measurable, realistic and reasonable effectiveness. That said, what could possibly be better than a truly collaborative, long-term effort involving any and all parties in support of effective and profitable sustainability of this marine resource? That sounds good, looks good on paper, and now that the rubber has met the road, it’s actually proving itself out.

But what does today mean without yesterday? Historical referencing is important because it provides … reference. It's the measure of how far we've come, or in some cases, still need to go. The work my brother and I do is far from one-dimensional, and we rely upon history quite a bit, especially as part of projects we’re involved with to document and tell the story of the evolution of big game sport fishing. This is especially true when it comes to the biggest recreational game in town, shark fishing.

Our own story and how we got involved at an early age is as genuine and authentic as it gets. Our affections were born early and evolved by virtue of hands-on (and in) experience over several decades. Along the way, we became increasingly proactive in efforts to unite the recreational fishing, scientific and conservation communities. While further exploring the origins of an industry, we did our time with recreational shark fishing's founding father, ‘The Monster Man’. That led to effort to recover and restore a historically significant piece of maritime, sport fishing and American movie history. More and more, we're accepting invitations to share these stories with a growing audience, and we picked up a nickname along the way.

Once you roll a snowball down the hill, momentum takes on a mind of its own. We're rolling with it and basically having a hell of a time with some new friends we've picked up along the way. As one thing leads to another, we look back at how things have a funny way of working themselves out. Currently the hunt is taking us down fresh new game trails; some of which, we're hacking our way through so others can follow. What's ahead? There's only one way to find out. Hand me that machete.