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My brother Brooks and I are all for anything that positively influences the youth of today and their potential for making positive impacts in their own lives and on society, now and in the future. That future, after all, will eventually be in their hands, and with all the drive-thru mentality options available for kids these days, projects like Rock U Mentally should be treated like gold. Usually where there's an opportunity, there's also an obligation, and that's what the mastermind behind this project must've been thinking when the idea for it fell out of his head.

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'Rock U Mentally' is an educationally-driven entertainment initiative designed to teach kids about important environmental and social issues through the use of popular and engaging music. At least, that's how it all started. The concept caught on so fast with audiences that it didn't take long for the idea to evolve into a fully produced stage show, 'Rock U Mentally Live!'. The show drew capacity crowds and critical acclaim during its extended appearance at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theatre this summer in Branson, Missouri.

Rock U Mentally Live! L-R: Ken Brown, Bucky Heard, Angie Skillern, AJ Heard, Chris Skillern
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Bucky Heard is Rock U Mentally's creator, producer and a cast member who we met nearly two decades ago, when we were fellow entertainers on board Royal Caribbean's largest cruise ships. He's been counted among our best friends since, but all bias aside, he's one of those rare combinations of multi-talented, innovatively creative, tirelessly hard-working and most of all, genuinely sincere and positive people you'd ever hope to meet. Put it this way. If either of us had daughters of marrying age, we'd have our fingers crossed they'd meet a guy like him.

Bucky always had a natural knack for surrounding himself with like-minded people, both personally and professionally, and in typical unselfish fashion, he'll be the first to share credit for this project's runaway success. Bucky's co-stars and collaborators include co-writer & musical director: Chris Skillern, choreographer & dancer: AJ Heard (Bucky's wife), dancer: Ken Brown, vocalist: Angie Skillern and graphic artist & videographer: Justin Clark. It's a no exaggeration, world-class collection of talent promoting a simple, but profound message with this project, 'Who You Are is Where it's At'.

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We're firm believers in leveraging entertainment to educate and influence. What Bucky and the gang are doing together epitomizes how effectively that can be done. The really credible thing that comes through, though, is this isn't just about ticket sales and merchandising. They're turning this into an legitimate difference maker by integrating their efforts with hands-on community involvement and outreach, special events and the support of related causes. It's always refreshing and inspiring to watch an idea make that long-strange trip to the land of reality, and in this case, become something that can create positive change.

So spread the word about our friends and the good they're doing, and most of all, if you've got kids or know someone that does, turn them on to this. You can find out everything you need to know and show your support by visiting For direct contact and all you social networkers out there, it's real easy to get linked up, grab the latest news, and help spread the word on their contact page.