White Shark Checks out of Monterey

Monterey Bay Aquarium Tags, Releases 5th Great White Shark After two Months on Exhibit

Randy Hamilton, vice president of husbandry for the Monterrey Bay Aquarium says, “Her health is excellent, and we learned a lot while she was with us. Based on past experience, we have every expectation that she’ll do well after release.”

Great white shark being released after two months of captivity in Monterey Bay Aquarium.
© Monterey Bay Aquarium / Randy Wilder

She had not yet reached a size where human safety or animal welfare concerns were a factor in the decision to release her, Hamilton said. Rather, the change in her behavior prompted the decision, he said.

Over Halloween weekend, she received a superficial bite wound, was observed chasing scalloped hammerhead sharks in the exhibit, and bit and injured a Galapagos shark, Hamilton said.

“We monitor the behavior of great white sharks very closely while they’re on exhibit,” he said. “When we saw a new pattern of aggressive behavior, we decided it was best to release her.”

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