Ultimate Shark Challenge - Commercial

Brooks and I went into our shark tag & release / UW video vault, while producing this promotional piece, scheduled for national broadcast in January. No surprise, we had plenty. This particular version is a few seconds longer without network confines, but at right around 44 seconds; it includes a 1000 stories of some notable expeditions with various species in different locations.

There are also some historically significant moments that include the last shark Frank 'The Monster Man' Mundus ever tagged and released. If you watch closely, you'll see it was a mako. We'll be expanding with more content showing what this important collaborative event is all about, as we move forward. For now, here's a whole bunch of sharks we shot swimming, eating, being captured with circle hooks, tagged, documented, filmed and released back to the wild.

As usual, with Youtube, to avoid the stutters, we recommend allowing the video to load completely before viewing.