ch, ch, Ch, CH, Changes ...

Hello Everyone --

I hope this finds you and yours doing well. Yes, it's been a while, but please don't mistake recent gaps in my blog blasts with a lack of things to talk about. As a matter of fact, the old shark, chainsaw and bowling ball juggling act has been on the road and running the old Vegas 24/7 rotation lately; only stopping to sweep up and take out the trash, every now and again. 

As most know, we've been experimenting with a sort of total immersion therapy the past 11 months or so, as part of our efforts to develop and launch the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge. It's been a little like hanging on to the wing of an airplane ... while it's flying; a very exciting experience, with a great view that never, ever spits out a dull moment.

In 2 weeks from today, the rubber will finally meet the road with the qualifying round taking place at Burnt Store Marina in Punta Gorda. That weekend will provide us with our 5 championship contending teams, who will, 5 weeks from today, jump in the ring at the grand championship taking place at Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium in Sarasota. One of these teams will be crowned the ultimate champions.

There’s no way to fully explain the logistical complexity of what this undertaking demands because much of what it requires has never been done before. For me, that's been more than half the attraction, but simply put, the guiding vision my brother and I have maintained for this was to combine the goals of sport, science and conservation.

Pun intended, and here's the catch; we wanted to do it the only way it could be done -- collaboratively and with effective results. So far, so good, but not beyond my greatest expectations because I knew all along, with the right people involved, that the little snowball we rolled down the hill, a long time ago, would pick up speed and mass and compelling amounts of energy.

In countless ways, what we've achieved so far would not be possible if it wasn't for a key group of some of the most interesting, talented, dedicated and forward-thinking people around. From that, we’ve attracted a building list of like-minded and influential supporters. You won’t find a single bench warmer in the crowd because bringing something like this from thought to tangible reality is not a spectator sport. You’ve got to suit up and run some plays. It's an honor and a true thrill to be working with them.

There still remains much to do, and there are some imposing gaps to close, but in the spirit of adventure and wildlife, I consider this one huge expedition; a word literally translated as, ‘a journey undertaken with a definite objective’. Its success won’t be measured by any one thing or on its simple completion because it won’t be over on May 23rd when our championship team is crowned.

That’s the beginning. This is about future building. Success for the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge will be measured more on what comes of it … what comes next. It’s those changes, and those things remaining left to do, that make it all worthwhile.

Stay tuned … over & out for now,