Video Preview: The Blacktip Challenge

The Blacktip Challenge is a television project we got involved with in 2009, first as filmmakers and producers. The subject matter was immediately appealing; a catch & release land-based shark tournament. However, once our collaborations with the event's founder, Josh Jorgensen, took on a larger commitment and vision, it became much more.

Logistically, this project had unique challenges, but as big game anglers, with an affinity for sharks, we found some creative ways to make it work. Once post-production is complete, the final program will run 60 minutes with commercials, but in the meantime, we're happy to present this extended sneak preview.

It's just around seven and a half minutes, so turn up your speakers, set your monitor to full screen and enjoy a little shark-infested footage from 'The Blacktip Challenge'.

Youtube Viewing Recommendation: This video is hosted on Youtube so allow the full clip to load before viewing by pressing the pause button during the loading process. This will prevent the Youtube 'start and stops' sometimes experienced during heavy traffic times.

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