GH-USC Featured on NBC Nightly News

Kerry Sanders, long-time featured anchor for the NBC Nightly News, spent all day Saturday on the water with us, filming the tournament action on board the Mote research vessel Provided by Andy Eggebrecht of Andros Boatworks. Vince Genova was, NBC editor and cameraman, shot on another one of the Andros camera chase boats. 

L-R: Brooks Paxton II, Kerry Sanders, Vince Genova, Sean Paxton

It was a memorable experience working with both of them; they're total pros and a couple of great guys. Amazingly, they were able to shoot, edit and upload this featured piece in enough time to air last night at 6:30 pm across the US and abroad.

Thanks, guys. We really appreciate you making the trip and sharing our story with the world.

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