Talking Shark Conservation With PBS

We were recently contacted by a producer with the Emmy Award winning television series, 'A Gulf Coast Journal' with Jack Perkins. Jack's career as an award-winning journalist spans over 40 years, with 25 years as correspondent, commentator and anchorman at NBC News. He also served as host and narrator for many of A&E’s most acclaimed programs, including the flagship series, Biography.

When the series producer, Colleen Hamilton, contacted us a few weeks ago, we welcomed her genuine curiosity about our story and just how it is we ended up where we are today -- doing what we do.

Sharks were the fuel for her initial interest, but she also asked and so we talked about our family, our professional background and the influences that have kept us on a collision course with our present endeavors.

Joe Bamford (left) Brad Clore (right)

On our first shooting day, Colleen Hamilton, Videographer Brad Clore and Joe Bamford, spent the entire day with us at our homes shooting and talking about family, adventure, wildlife and our involvement in next generation shark conservation efforts.

Hangin' in the back yard with Producer, Colleen Hamilton.

We're fortunate to live where we do so we also took advantage of the opportunity to tour the robust environment in our back yard, and visit with the folks down the canal before shooting some footage at the Wildlife Center of Venice where we volunteer to rescue, rehab and reintroduce sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

We had a really good time working with Colleen, Brad and Joe -- total professionals and good people. As it turns out, we've got a lot in common. Last Thursday, we met up again to shoot our release of some rehabbed animals from the Wildlife Center, and today, they're joining us on a shark tagging expedition with Capt. Robert Moore in and around Boca Grande Pass. There have been steady reports from close sources, including anglers from the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge, that there's a ready supply of large animals to work with -- bull sharks, in particular.

Yakking it up.

Later ... a quick paddle down to Mom & Dad's place.

My four-legged, hairy daughter 'JD' made the shoot.

L-R: JD (Jane Doe), Dad, Mom (Brooks & Diane Paxton), Brad Clore.

As viewers and fans of 'A Gulf Coast Journal', we're proud to be a part of it and value this opportunity to share our story and collaborative conservation efforts with their audience. Needless to say, we look forward to seeing the final piece when it airs nationally. Stay tuned here for updates from these next few shooting days and details about when the episode will broadcast.

All The Best,
Sean Paxton
Brooks Paxton II