Just Outside the Open Door

Our backyards provide something different to look at every day. From half-ton North American alligators to half-pound screech owls and plenty of other stuff in between that either crawls, swims, walks, flies, slithers or buzzes around. We also get our fair share of weather extremes that help to keep the view on a pretty healthy rotation.

As Mr. Cash once said, 'I've been everywhere, man'. Well, if not everywhere, then still enough places to tempt me away, but I can honestly say, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

I've made a commitment to getting more pictures out of the computer and online where family and friends can see them. Since Brooks & I just came into possession of a new Kodak still / video device, we've been field testing quite a bit in the backyard ... and beyond. Here's a few shots from the past couple of weeks. We're also digging through the archives for some stuff ... bigger animals, fishing outtakes, hurricanes ...

Brooks aka The Squirrel Whisperer grabbed this shot. It's one of 8 we reintroduced after they were rehabbed at the Venice Wildlife Center.

Home Sweet Home