Shark Bro's Footage - NBC Today Show

Some Shark Bros' Think Out Loud Productions footage was used this morning on the NBC Today Show to help tell this bull shark attack story. Our buddies and long-time NBC Correspondent, Kerry Sanders & Producer / Videographer Vince Genova, were recently in town producing this piece about the recent incident. A special shout out to our friend, Dr. Bob Hueter, for reminding Kerry who to call when he needed a little bull shark footage. You'll see Dr. Bob's expertise featured in the piece.

Oh, yeah, on the whole sharks and responsible media reporting topic - another time. And on being surprised that a spearfishermen was bitten while spearfishing - another time, on that, too. Let's just all be happy about a happy ending for a change, ok?

As Always - Keep it W!LD - The Bros