The days of simply updating a blog or website are sadly over. Now, it seems, one post has to go in 10 places and unless you're 11-years old, who has that kind of time? For past 6-8 months, I've been consumed with live event production surrounding the Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge tournament and festival so it's been a little quiet on this site. For those not in the know, the Ultimate Shark Challenge is a little contribution I make, along with my co-consipirators, Brooks Paxton and Capt. Robert Moore. Together, we're allied with many other important collaborators from the worlds of sport, science and research, conservation, business and entertainment.

This year, we've further enhanced, and and are rolling out, some defined conservation initiatives and educational outreach programs, as part of the circus-like show we put on with the tournament and companion festival. It's all about promoting best practices for shark-release fishing and a responsible management ethic with regard to some of the marine world's Vitally Important Predators -- or what we like to call our VIP's.

Anyhoo, if you're into that sort of thing, there's a lot more information at the tournament website. Granted, I haven't spent much time posting here, but I've been busier than a rooster in a three-story hen house. Trust me. Once this project is over and the big top comes down on the afternoon of May 15th, we'll get back to a lot of other biz. In the meantime, here's some updates on what I've been up to the last little while, and a few more here. Thanks for stopping by and always remember, the grass may be greener on the other side, but somebody's still gotta mow it. -stp-