See Through No More

What can you say? Sometimes images go in and words come out. As was the case when I stumbled upon the painting below.

A bit of prose, then, why don't we...

How's this day going to differ

From those gone past

When my ghosts again come hither?

Can never be extinguished

Don't know extinct

Eternal flames burn indistinguished

Take that first step through to the last

While blinding eyes pierce through to my past

And like a cracked peep hole in the door

My soul will be see through no more

- s. paxton

This imagery reminds of a bit I wrote about dancing with my own demons. When they come a creeping, lusting to take you in their arms and swing ya 'round, you had better lead...

   Painting, "A Dance With Demons" by Nancy Miller

Painting, "A Dance With Demons" by Nancy Miller