Another Landmark Year for the Shark's Eye Tournament

After a decade and a half in this game, and as producers and hosts of this large-scale collaborative event, my brother Brooks and I are proud to play a continuing role in some of the most proactive, practical and forward-thinking efforts ever made to ensure the sustainability of our recreational shark fisheries. A special thanks and salute to our brother from another, Zach “Hammer” Miller of Team Rebel Fishing for taking us up on our invite to bring his skills to bear for the second year in a row.

Chase boat Captain, Rob Humann, controls one of two tiger sharks caught by team, Free Nicky, as Dr. Greg Skomal applies a satellite tag and NBC Today Show cameras roll on the action. Photo: Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation.

Both tiger sharks were satellite tagged by participating science teams led by Dr. Greg Skomal. 3 mako and 1 blue shark were also satellite tagged.

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Competing teams successfully captured, tagged and released 53 sharks, among which were 24 mako, 27 blue and 2 tiger sharks. According to tournament organizer and host, Carl Darenberg of the Montauk Marine Basin, "I've only seen a handful of tiger sharks caught in nearly 50 years here off Montauk. They surprised everyone the first day of the tournament Saturday".