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Roles - Nonfiction Content Producer, Writer, Editor, Presenter
Born - Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Headquarters - North Port, Florida

The majority of my creative time on the clock is spent as a non-fiction multimedia content producer, writer, editor and presenter. I'm an old-school honor grad so all those snowballs still get rolled down the hill by way of a freshly sharpened Ticonderoga #2 pencil on a journal page. My writing formats cover narrative voiceover, editorial, technical and expert opinion content for distribution across print, online and television mediums. My work provides opportunities for taking a hands-on role in many of the stories I share, while also capturing conversations with, and the work of, renowned experts and personalities from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

In sharing the helm with my brother, Brooks Paxton, we draw on more than a half-century of combined entertainment business and outdoor industry experience to deliver on the visionary goals of our clients and collaborators. We were pegged by the media with our Shark Brothers nickname in the early 2000's, as the result of wildlife and documentary projects we were involved with at the time. The name was pretty sticky so after enough years gone by, we surrendered and stuck with it. It ended up being a pretty good fit with our motto, "Dedicated to the Exploration of Wild Ideas".
Our production services cover the demands of initial conceptualization through to logistical planning and final content delivery. Formats range from short-form commercial promotion and cause marketing spots to full-length series and documentaries. Since we're just as comfortable producing in controlled environments, as we are from the extremes of underwater marine or remote terrestrial locations, we often find ourselves serving in dual roles as expedition team members. Complex or basic live broadcasts are included in our range of expertise, along with large-scale live public event production.
Keynote and other custom presentations for corporate, education, private or public events provide an opportunity to share our work in relateable ways designed to inform, inspire and motivate audiences of all ages on a variety of topics. Guest expert appearances for news, talk shows and panel discussions can be arranged upon request.

When schedules allow, I share my extensive experience as a live touring and studio drummer in peak performance coaching sessions conducted in-person or online. Areas of focus include technique, styles, reading, live performance and music business survival strategies.

Commissioned Work Credits and Examples

Please enjoy this reel and sample selection as additional media is being prepared and added - Thank You.


During a brief break in filming, Sean Paxton, on board the dive barge, "Jones Bay" admires one of Blackbeard's cannon balls during a recovery expedition and production in Beaufort, NC. This concretion pile containing several cannon balls and numerous other artifacts was raised from the wreck site of Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, which sank off Beaufort in 1718.

Adventure & Wildlife - Hosted by the Shark Brothers
Multi-Part Series Co-Creator / Producer, Writer, Editor, Presenter
Presented by the Punta Gorda / Englewood Beach Visitor & Convention Bureau

Blackbeard and the Queen Anne’s Revenge
Documentary Co-Producer, Writer, Editor, Cameraman, Expedition Member
Filmed on Location During Marine Archaeological Recovery Missions

Weston’s wannaB inn
Co-Creator / Producer, Writer, Editor
Destination Marketing Commercial Spots for Int'l Network Distribution

Expedition LIVE! - Conservation of Reef Life (C.O.R.L.)
Live Underwater Broadcast Co-Producer, Writer, Expedition Member
Florida Aquarium, Int'l Joint Research Project, Atlantic Ocean Coral Nursery
Media Being Prepared

Rich History - Priceless Future, the Tarpon of Boca Grande Pass
Documentary Co-Producer, Writer, Editor, Cameraman
In Association with the Boca Grande Area Chamber of Commerce

National Geographic Society / NatGeo Wild Presents Monster Fish
Technical Co-Producer, Logistical Coordinator, Presenter
Prime Time Episode Segment, 'River Shark'

Florida Aquarium’s Tanks to the Ocean
Multi-Part Series Co-Creator / Producer, Writer, Editor, Cameraman
Education Grant Support Provided by the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation

Discovery Channel Presents How JAWS Changed the World
Technical Co-Producer, Logistcal Coordinator, Presenter
Prime Time Shark Week Feature, Int'l Distribution

Expedition: Deep Hole - The Ultimate Death Trap
Expedition Member, Infrared & Topside Camera, Dive Cage Deployment
Myakka River State Park, Florida
Related Info

Expedition LIVE! - USS Narcissus Ceremonial Dedication
Live Underwater Broadcast Co-Producer, Writer, Expedition Member
Civil War era Shipwreck, Memorial Dive Site & Archaeological Preserve
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Epic Tales of Exploration - With the Shark Lady, Dr. Eugenie Clark
On-Camera Interviewer, Co-Writer / Producer
Filmed on Location at Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, Florida
Media Being Prepared

Expedition: Deep Horizon - BP Oil Spill Study
Expedition Member, Cameraman, Documentary Co-Producer & Writer
Joint Research Project to Study Impacts of Spill Disaster

The Guy Harvey Ultimate Shark Challenge
Event Co-Creator, Live Broadcast / Festival Co-Producer & Emcee, Florida
Annual All-Release Competition, Satellite Tagging & Conservation Initiative
Related Content

Expedition LIVE! - Coral Restoration Nation
Expedition Member, Live Underwater Broadcast Co-Producer, Writer, Cameraman
Florida Aquarium Initiative for Classroom Broadcast

The Blacktip Challenge
Multi-Part Series Co-Creator / Producer, Writer, Cameraman, Editor, Presenter
Land-Based Shark Fishing All-Tag & Release Competition
Media Being Prepared

Expedition LIVE! - Sunken Civil War Stories
Live Underwater Broadcast Co-Producer, Writer, Cameraman, Expedition Member
Marine Archaeology & Artifact Recovery from Sites in Florida
Media Being Prepared

Shark's Eye Satellite-Tag Tournament & Festival
Event Co-Creator, Live Event Co-Producer, Emcee, Montauk NY
Annual All-Release Competition, Satellite Tagging & Conservation Initiative
Related Media

Expedition: Shark Countdown
Expedition Member, Underwater & Topside Cameraman
Mote Center for Shark Research Relative Abundance Study, Gulf of Mexico
Media Being Prepared

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On location capturing and tagging sharks for Discovery Channel content.