- Shark Brothers Multimedia
Roles - Nonfiction Content Producer, Writer, Editor, Presenter
Born - Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Resides - North Port, Florida

The majority of my creative time on the clock at Shark Brothers Multimedia is spent as a non-fiction multimedia content producer, writer, editor and presenter. I'm an old-school honor grad so all those snowballs still get rolled down the hill by way of a freshly sharpened Ticonderoga #2 pencil on a journal page. My writing expertise covers editorial, narrative voiceover, advertising copy, technical and expert opinion content for distribution across print, online and television mediums. In my other roles as a producer and presenter, I often find myself taking a hands-on role in many of the stories we share out of our shop at Shark Brothers Multimedia, while enjoying opportunities to collaboratie with renowned experts and personalities from a variety of industries and backgrounds.

I share the helm at Shark Brothers Multimedia with my brother, Brooks Paxton. Our clients and collaborators benefit from a combined 50+ years of entertainment industry experience that we leverage in providing a broad range of production services aimed at the delivery of content for series, documentaries, destination, tourism and product promotion, innovative live streaming events, education and cause marketing. At the core of our philosophy is a dedication to professionalism, shared goals and an authentic respect for every client's vision, time and budget.
Our production services cover the demands of initial conceptualization through to logistical planning, field and post-production, through to final content delivery. We're right at home shooting and producing world-class content whether the site is high and dry indoors or in a remote location like the Florida Everglades or miles offshore, underwater in the Atlantic Ocean. We're known for going anywhere and doing what it takes to deliver the goods in the form of compelling and engaging content.
Keynote and other custom presentations for corporate, education, private or public events provide an opportunity to share our work in relateable ways designed to inform, inspire and motivate audiences of all ages on a variety of topics. Guest expert appearances for news, talk shows and panel discussions can be arranged upon request.

When schedules allow, I share my extensive experience as a live touring and studio drummer in peak performance coaching sessions conducted in-person or online. Areas of focus include technique, styles, reading, live performance and music business survival strategies.
When we're not capturing stories in the field, creating deliverables in post production or sharing our experiences through personal appearances and speaking engagements, we remain involved with community outreach for causes we consider close to home. These include the sustainable use and enjoyment of natural resources, education, youth engagement with nature, and the support of our active duty military, veterans, police and emergency first responders.

Commissioned Work Sample Demo Reel

Please enjoy this reel and sample selection as additional media is being prepared and added - Thank You.

During a brief break in filming, Sean Paxton, on board the dive barge, "Jones Bay" admires one of Blackbeard's cannon balls during a recovery expedition and production in Beaufort, NC. This concretion pile containing several cannon balls and numerous other artifacts was raised from the wreck site of Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, which sank off Beaufort in 1718.