Shot Locker Productions was born out of a philosophy my brother and I have always shared when getting behind something we believe in, especially when creating with each other and collaborating with others. For us, it’s important to literally Think Out Loud  in efforts to produce or cause a desired effect. Leave nothing on the table or, in this case, between the ears. It’s imperative because somehow, in some way, every project we take on is also intentionally tied to an interest, subject or cause that represents a vested interest for us. At the root of it all is our mission, “To Explore Wild Ideas that Support Science, Education and Sustainability in ways that entertain and inspire”.

Just a few of our clients and collaborators.

The underlying drive is to explore, but not just in the traditional sense. We also explore wild ideas about how to engage, involve and motivate the public, and at times, even direct the actions and decisions of policy-makers. In some cases, we're responding to the need for vital funding to support important scientific research, an educational initiative or the recovery and curation of cultural and historical artifacts tied to the history and understanding of man and beast. This counts for our work with major networks like Discovery Channel, National Geographic and PBS or through various independent production project collaborations with noted individuals and organizations such as Guy Harvey and the Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation, Mote Marine Laboratory, Dr. Bob Hueter and the Mote Center for Shark Research, the Florida Aquarium and many others.

We do this, not just through traditional video production or documentary means, but by also embracing and leveraging modern technology to take people out there via live streaming expeditions and other innovative and interactive live events and educational outreach campaigns, We've found success by following our instincts to support and promote worthy causes by combining exciting and purposeful entertainment value with engaging educational content.

During a brief break in filming, Sean Paxton, on board the dive barge, "Jones Bay" admires one of Blackbeard's cannon balls during a recovery expedition and production in Beaufort, NC. This concretion pile containing several cannon balls and numerous other artifacts was raised from the wreck site of Blackbeard's flagship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, which sank off Beaufort in 1718.

Project & Appearance Examples. Click images for more information.

Producers/Shooters/Editors. A six-part educational web series.

Expedition team members in charge of documentary production, engineering and distribution of week long, live, 2-way underwater broadcast from Civil War era shipwrecks.

Producers/Shooters/Editors. A full-length documentary that explores the history and future Florida's Boca Grande Pass tarpon fishery.

Production coordination, logistics management and on-screen appearance by "The Shark Brothers", Sean Paxton & Brooks Paxton.

Customized programs for venues ranging from the Florida Aquarium Auditorium, Conferences, Library Systems, Public and Private School Classrooms.

Tournament and Festival event producers and Emcees. Implementation of shark-release fishing best practices. logistical management of competition and satellite tagging. Live streaming producers and directors of educational outreach during three-day event.

Producers/Shooters/Editors. A seven-part educational web series.

Pioneers in modern shark conservation, development and promotion of best-practice methods for shark-release fishing.

An in-depth conversation with Sean Paxton and Eugenie Clark.

Expedition team members in charge of  production, engineering and distribution of live, underwater broadcast from coral restoration project in the Florida Keys.

Expedition and science team members. Documentary Producers/Shooters.

Producers/Shooters/Editors. Designed catch-tag-release and best-practice protocols and format for competition. Authored rules and coordinated research tagging with NOAA Apex Predator Program. A seven-part series.

Production coordination, logistics management and on-screen appearance by "The Shark Brothers", Sean Paxton & Brooks Paxton.

Expedition team members specializing in dive safety, documentary production/shooting and infrared, deep drop video operation for survey of Deep Hole.

Creators/Producers/Emcees of this pioneering, all-release tournament format featuring satellite-tagging of sharks and live streaming of the action to stadium-sized jumbotron for fans and festival attendees.

Shark-Con Panel Discussion. Tampa. L-R: Spencer Steward, Jim Abernethy, Dr. Bob Hueter, Sean Paxton, Brooks Paxton, Stuart Cove.

The real JAWS story. A feature documentary. Post-production and distribution funding collaboration available.