Inspired by primitive storytellers who used crude tools to record their existence on cave walls under torchlight, I share how my own experiences, interests and work collide in this modern digital age. -sp-


Camping with my brothers, grandfathers and uncle. Circa, 1975. L-R: Brooks, Scott and Sean Paxton, Tom Larkin. Photo: Think Out Loud Productions.

I was born in the blue collar steel country of eastern Pennsylvania, raised and shaped by a close family with its salt of the earth character deeply rooted in the greatest generation. Inspired by them to take nothing for granted, to live life to its fullest and contribute more than you take, my life's been a rewarding adventure since my earliest childhood memories. Bio


Photo: Sean Paxton

Coming from a long line of outdoorsmen, educators and entertainers, I’ve been fortunate to travel far and wide. Along the way, I gained unique perspectives on the natural world and got addicted to the adventure found in exploring it. Today, I blur the lines between work and play, as an advocate for the enjoyment and sustainability of the world's wildest parts. Blog


Filming on location for the Nat'l Geographic Society, NatGeo Wild television series,  'Monster Fish'. Photo: Think Out Loud Productions.

Throughout my professional life, personal interests maintained a collision course with career choices. Now, with my brother, we steer our company, Shot Locker Productions, to specialize in the execution of innovative multimedia and live event projects focused on exploration, adventure travel, sustainability and related entertainment and educational collaborations. Company