Camping with my brothers, grandfathers and uncle. Circa, 1975. L-R: Brooks, Scott and Sean Paxton, Tom Larkin. Photo: Shark Brothers Multimedia

I was born in the blue-collar steel country of Pennsylvania, raised and shaped by a close family with its salt of the earth character rooted deeply in the greatest generation. By following their inspiration to take nothing for granted, while living life to its fullest and contributing more than I take, my life has been a rewarding adventure since my earliest childhood memories. More >


on location. Running production logistics and delivering on-camera commentary for the Nat'l Geographic Society, NatGeo Wild television series, 'Monster Fish'. Photo: Shark Brothers Multimedia

Personal interests have always maintained a collision course with the kinds of work I’ve been fortunate to do over many years in the entertainment industry. Those lines remain blurred today with occupational demands that keep me in pursuit of topics and stories I’m compelled to understand and share in my mixed role as an explorer, performer and storyteller. Professional Bio >


Photo: Sean Paxton

Being descended from a long line of educators, entertainers and adventurous types, life has taken me far and wide. Throughout, my interests in world history, cultural communication and valuations of natural resources cultivated my preoccupation with the adventure found in exploring Mother Nature's wild parts and the evolving dynamic between man and beast. Blog >